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What is Microsoft Exchange Server?

A Microsoft Exchange Server is the underlying technology that allows businesses to use Exchange services. It controls all Exchange functions (emails, calendars, contacts, etc.) and syncing across multiple devices.  Running a Microsoft Exchange Server traditionally involves a major investment by a business.  Dedicated server hardware is needed, a Microsoft Exchange Server licence has to be bought, and then there are on-going maintenance upgrades etc.

With Microsoft Hosted Exchange there are all taken care of.

Hosted Exchange 2019 is a cloud-based platform to manage the emails, calendars, address books and other functions, for organisations or individuals. Emails are hosted and fully-maintained at our secure data centre.

Email, calendars, tasks and contacts are synced through Microsoft Outlook, and can be accessed on your mobile device.  Every email is automatically scanned by our anti-virus software and our service is backed up by our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Hosted in the UK, using HPE Servers, our Exchange Servers are fully resilient and backed by full support.

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Exchange 2019

Hosted Exchange 2019 is designed to help your business communicate securely and efficiently.  With it businesses can control their online communications and allow teams to work together from anywhere in the world.

Customers are automatically placed on Microsoft Exchange 2019.  This is the best version of Exchange and includes many new, or upgraded, functions to make business email faster and more flexible than ever before.  Exchange Online helps protect your information with advanced capabilities.

Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering protect mailboxes.  Data loss prevention capabilities prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorised people.  Redundant servers, premier disaster recovery capabilities, and a team of security experts monitoring Exchange Online around the clock safeguard your data & with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, you can count on your email always being up and running.

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