Ultrafast Broadband


Ultrafast Broadband
Business Broadband Fibre to the Premises

  • Upto 1000Mb/Sec
  • Fast Turnaround
  • 100% Fibre To Your Property
  • Broadband Only
  • Unlimited Data

Ultrafast Broadband


Ultrafast Broadband or FTTP – it stands for Fibre to the Premises and its pure fibre straight to your home or business.  Unlike fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), it’s a fibre connection and does not use copper lines.  Its delivered straight from the telephone exchange to your premises – It bypasses the roadside cabinet to give you full-fibre connectivity.

It provides up to 1000 Mb/Sec download and 115 Mb/Sec upload.

Ultrafast Broadband or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is an ultra-fast broadband connection.  You can enjoy ultrafast speeds of almost 1GBbps, which makes FTTP the perfect solution for businesses increasingly reliant on bandwidth for use with cloud solutions.

You will need an Ultrafast Router to enjoy this technology.

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Future Proof

FTTP technology will be around for a long time, just as traditional copper lines were.  As a full-fibre connection, it can also handle many internet users simultaneously.

As its based on Single Mode fibre technology, advances in technology means you wont have to replace the fibre line when new speeds are available, basically this means you won’t have to update your internet as your business grows.

Ultrafast BroadbandCost £
0.5 / 0.5£19.95 Per Month
40 / 10£27.95 Per Month
80 / 20£28.95 Per Month
115 / 20£29.95 Per Month
160 / 30£30.95 Per Month
220 / 30£31.95 Per Month
330 / 50£33.95 Per Month
550 / 75£41.95 Per Month
1000 / 115£49.95 Per Month

Costs Are Excluding VAT, Which Will Be Added At The Applicable Rate.

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    Ultrafast Broadband (FTTP)