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Predictive Email Defense in Microsoft 365

Vade for M365

  • 1.4 Billion Mailboxes Protected Worldwide
  • 100 Billion Emails Analysed Per Day
  • 10 Billion Blocked Per Day
  • 10000 Algorithms Updated Per Minute
  • Low Cost Per Month
  • Full Support

Vade Secure

We partner with Vade Secure, a bolt-on for Microsoft 365.  Vade Secure is a global leader in AI-powered email security, protecting 1.4 billion mailboxes worldwide.  Vade’s  solutions cater for small to medium businesses, utilising sophisticated AI for robust protection against cyber threats.  Vade offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions, safeguarding individuals, businesses, and organisations from various email-based cyberattacks. Vade focus includes protection against phishing, spear phishing, and malware.

It categorises email into the following categories:

  • Legitimate
  • Newsletters
  • Social
  • Purchase
  • Travel
  • Malware
  • High Spam
  • Medium Spam
  • Low Spam
  • Scam
  • Anti-Spear Phishing
  • Phishing

These can be actioned to delete at source, or move to junk into your mailbox.  A full report is generated every day detailing your email history.

As this monitors the entire email function, a licence is needed for all mailboxes on your M365 estate.

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  • Anti-Phishing – Machine learning and computer vision algorithms perform behavioural, contextual, and visual analysis of emails and webpages to identify phishing attacks.
  • Anti-Malware – Predictive algorithms and heuristic analysis examine both behaviours and code, identifying malware and ransomware in email, attachments, and hosted files.
  • Anti-Spear Phishing – Anomaly detection and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms identify impersonation attempts and malicious patterns in spear-phishing emails.

Vade M365Cost £
Vade Secure£2.00 Per Month

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