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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks are a necessary requirement in today’s office.  We can provide the hardware, security and knowledge to implement a complete office solution.

We look after wireless security for complete network protection.  A wireless local area network (LAN) is a flexible data communications system.  It operates using the same protocols and transmission techniques as a hardwired or structured cable network, but allows networking to reach areas where fixed cabling is not practical for either physical or fiscal reasons, the system is usually implemented as an extension to a structured cabling system to provide network access to remote areas such as outbuildings or mobile classrooms.

We use Zyxel Access Points Equipped with Zyxel Nebula Cloud Monitoring & Ligowave Outdoor equipment for Wireless Bridges.

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Secure Wi-Fi

We harden Wi-Fi Access Points, this means they are detached from the main network.  If a service is needed on the main network, a VPN is required to gain access, this securely strengthens the Wi-Fi security.

Wireless Bridges

We install wireless bridges where long distances are required.  A sender is placed into the main network and a receiver transmits the encrypted data stream.  This can send data speeds upto 700MB/Sec and the distance can span around 9 miles or 15KM.  We have installed a number of CCTV applications using wireless bridges.

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    Wi-Fi Networks & Secure Wi-Fi